6 Steps to Managing Future Vulnerabilities

The Log4j vulnerability caught security teams off guard and was a wake-up call that it’s going to happen again. Your organization can and should be following these steps so that you know exactly what to do for the next vulnerability.

These best practice recommendations will help your security team go from scrambling to managing any future vulnerability. We’ve aligned these six best practice steps to NIST and SANS frameworks to provide a keen focus on preparation.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • How to classify data and catalog your IT assets so you know what to protect
  • Why a comprehensive IT asset inventory is foundational to appropriate security coverage
  • What steps to take once a vulnerability is discovered to remediate all affected assets quickly and effectively

And more.

After you've read the ebook, reach out to Sevco to see how we can improve your security hygiene and posture management with our comprehensive IT asset intelligence platform.