Boost CMDB Operational Value With Accurate Asset Intelligence

If your IT team uses a CMDB, you know, firsthand, that it’s a business-critical tool for decision making. But there’s one, essential “backbone” for IT teams to reap the benefits from their CMDB: up-to-date asset records. 

The CMDB must remain highly accurate for organizations to optimize their operations and make decisions with confidence. This is a challenge for most enterprises.

Sevco’s new ebook shows you a simple, effective approach to overcoming those challenges and driving accurate, up-to-date asset intel into your CMDB:

  • Gain an automated, accurate solution for your CMDB’s asset inventory
  • Unlock continuous source data updates that provide a “Live Inventory” view
  • Reconcile and deduplicate CIs to increase the value of your CMDB platform
  • Enhance the CMDB inventory with asset telemetry that captures detailed asset changes
  • Save time and resources maintaining only a single set of IRE rules

And more.

After you've read the ebook, reach out to Sevco to see how we integrate with your existing tools to find these security gaps in your organization so that your team can close them.