H1 2023: State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface

You can't protect what you can't see. In our second State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface report, we examine the prevalence of security gaps and unprotected devices across organizations.

Based on data from over 500 organizations, with visibility into nearly 1 million IT assets, our new report reveals troubling truths about the lack of visibility most enterprises have into their IT assets—and the risk that lack of visibility introduces. This data can give you and your organization a better sense of what gaps might exist in your IT environment.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Real security gaps in the form of IT assets missing endpoint protection or those not covered by enterprise patch management systems;
  • IT assets that are accessing corporate networks, but are not accounted for in any enterprise source;
  • A staggering number of endpoint protection and patch management licenses for IT assets that may not be active, leading to unnecessary increased spend.

And more.

After you've read the ebook, reach out to Sevco to see how we integrate with your existing tools to find these security gaps in your organization so that your team can close them.