State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface

You can't protect what you can't see. In our first State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface report, we look at this issue, with data from visibility into more than 500,000 IT assets.

Lack of visibility is the single biggest challenge facing security teams today, and this latest report from Sevco identified a significant gap in the IT assets missing basic security tool protections. It also uncovers the more insidious threat of “stale” IT assets that act as ticking timebombs for enterprises..

In this report you’ll learn:

  • The significant problem of IT assets – clients and servers – missing endpoint security or enterprise patch management
  • Why Windows Server devices are more likely to be missing essential security tools and the threat that poses
  • How "stale" devices – those that appear in the security control console as being installed on the device but haven’t checked in recently – are hidden threats to security

And more.

After you've read the ebook, reach out to Sevco to see how we integrate with your existing tools to find these security gaps in your organization so that your team can close them.