State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface

October 2023

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In our third State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface report, we continue to see enterprises struggle with many of the same issues they’ve been grappling with—they are blind to IT assets missing endpoint protection, patch management, and, as we now include in this report, vulnerability management. “Stale” IT assets continue to proliferate across corporate networks with costly economic impacts.

Based on data from over 500 organizations, with visibility into nearly 1 million IT assets, our latest report reveals troubling truths about the lack of visibility most enterprises have into their IT assets—and the risk (and expense) that lack of visibility introduces. This data can give you and your organization a better sense of what gaps might exist in your IT environment.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Stale IT licenses are rampant in most enterprises with costly impacts;
  • Organizations are still struggling to gain visibility into assets accessing their network— creating gaps in security;
  • A surprising number of banned or seriously compromised assets are accessing enterprise networks;
  • SMBs managing their own environments are among the most vulnerable

And more.

After you've read the ebook, reach out to Sevco to to see how we integrate with your existing tools to find security gaps and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.