Security Hygiene and Asset Management: Perception vs. Reality

We have a perception that the foundations of our security program are sound. But when we take a closer look, we’re faced with an unpleasant reality check - we’re not doing as well as we thought.

This new report from Sevco uncovers a hard truth: there are significant gaps between our assumptions about security hygiene and asset management, and the reality. These gaps are backed by new ESG research from a survey of ~400 security professionals on how they approach their cybersecurity posture. These perception versus reality gaps are some of the most significant hidden threats to organizations.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How difficult it is to follow best practices around security hygiene without specialized tools
  • Why relying on tools like directory systems, agent-based systems, and network scanners for asset inventories can lead to significant gaps in visibility into assets
  • What the implications of gaps in asset management can mean for vulnerability assessments
  • How organizations can close this gap between perception and reality and reduce an organization’s risk